The Perversion of Manhood, Part 1

The one thing that I am super passionate about in life is Jesus Christ.

Below that, and right below that, is seeing young men, men in general actually, become on fire for Christ and treat women with respect, bring home the bacon and work their tails off to provide for their families and glorify God.

I’m not married yet. I haven’t graduated college. Regardless, I’m angered by the fact that I fail at being a godly man. In so many areas, I fall short of treating girls with respect and bettering myself to glorify Christ in all of my actions.

Also, I’m angered by the way I see other “men” treat women these days. For instance, a couple weeks ago, I was walking out of my dorm and looked over to the dining hall which sits right next to where I live. I saw a guy and a girl headed towards the door. The guy opened the door, and I was thinking, “Yes! Chivalry is alive.” However, this did not actually happen. The guy stepped (IN FRONT OF THE GIRL) in the building and did not even hold the door open for the young lady behind him.

This makes me mad.

But it’s what our culture teaches us.

I was listening to a Jesse McCartney song called “Leavin’.” I had heard it before, but today I started actually thinking about it.

So let’s talk about how classy Mr. McCartney is in this song. And how self-absorbed he really is.

Hey baby girl, I’ve been watching you all day. Man, that thing you got behind you is amazing. Make me want to take you out and make it rain. I know you’ve got a man, but this is what you should say.

The first verse. So he’s been watching her, and he thinks her rear end is “amazing.” That’s the first thing he says about this girl. Again, the definition of classy. I mean, that would make me fall over him if I were a girl…right?

Anyways, so he then says he wants to go spend money on her, EVEN THOUGH she has a man already, and he wants her to tell her man that she’s leavin’. And if you listen to the chorus, you hear this:

Why don’t you tell him that I’m leavin’? Never to come back again. You found somebody who does it better than he can. No more making you cry, no more them gray skies, girl we flyin’ on the G5, G5. And we’re leavin’, never to come back again. So call your shawty and tell him you found a new man. The one who’s so so fly, the one that keep you high, have you singing all night night night.

So he wants the girl to dump what she already has and go with Jesse. Okay, fair enough. Can’t say I’ve never wanted that before. But I don’t know if it sends off the right message when he sings that he’s “so so fly” and that he will keep her “high” and “singing all night.”

I mean, I don’t know exactly what that means, but…

That’s really the majority of the song. He sings another verse, but it’s rather unforgettable.

Another song is the old (read 2009) pop hit “Right Round” by Flo Rida featuring Ke-dollar sign-ha. What names.

I don’t know where I should begin with this song. Basically, he’s spending money on strippers and dancers.


This is part 1 of a series, so I’m going to stop here before I keep going. The main message I hope you got out of this post is:

Our culture teaches males to seek getting pleasure from women however they deem necessary. It is easily relevant in the music industry. This is bogus ideology. It’s stupid.

Check back soon for Part 2.