I Believe This..

God made all of this, and we have no right to say anything else.

We’re sinful, all of us, and we always will be. We will never not sin.

Jesus provided the only way to be forgiven of our sin and made right with God by coming to earth, dying on the cross and coming back to life on the third day.

The Bible is so useful. I mean, so full of wisdom.

If the body of Christ, the Church, was just open and honest about our sin with one another, so many things would happen:

  • We’d shed the “hypocrite” label because we’d be honest about being hypocrites.
  • No one would feel alone for long.
  • The Gospel would be made to look greater to everyone else.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean being a Republican, Calvinist, conservative, anti-gay, anti-abortion, etc. You’re a Christian if you believe that Jesus is your Savior and the only way to eternal life and relationship with God. Period.

I’m never 100 percent right. I like to think I’m right, but I don’t think I’m always right. And I’m open to criticism, even though I struggle with it.

No object is in and of itself sinful. No word is in and of itself sinful. No action, at its base level, is in and of itself sinful.

Jesus cares more about your heart than your actions. We should care more about what people believe than what they do.

The Gospel is greater than every single other thing that’s ever been.

I need to learn to be more gracious and understanding with people.

He > I