We’re All Like iPhones. We Need Re-Charging Every Once in a While.

One of the marriage clichés I’ve heard a lot of in these last couple months is that marriage is not a 50-50 proposition, it’s 100-100.

You don’t give 50 percent of yourself and the other person gives the same amount. You both give everything you’ve got.

As I was talking about this idea with my fiancée, a thought occurred to us: it’s impossible to give 100 percent of yourself if you’re not 100 percent yourself.

How often is your cell phone battery at a fully-charged 100 percent? For some of us, it’s every morning when we wake up. We’ve been charging our phones over night, so when we get up in the morning it’s good to go. Some of us don’t charge our phones overnight, so we have to get to work, or get in our car so we can refuel it.

Using our phones suck the life out of them. In the same way, living life sucks the life out of us. It’s not a bad thing; it’s unavoidable. Every time we go to work, a percentage of us gets used. Every time we go exercise, a percentage of us gets used. Even when we go to church, a percentage of us gets used.

So we need to recharge, we need to refuel.

If we spend so much time working and not enough time recharging, we won’t be able to give everything we’ve got in whatever relationship we’re in, whether it’s with God or with man. That’s why rest is so important. That’s why we need to have times where we do things we enjoy that help us to rest and relax.

If you’re an introvert who needs time alone to recharge, do it! If you’re an extrovert who gets drained by alone time, get around people!

But just be aware: you need to be fully charged to give everything you’ve got. So plug in.


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