Changing Your Mind May Be the Most Christian Thing You Can Do.

I find media coverage of politics, particularly the race for the President of the United States, rather interesting. As a guy with a journalism degree, I pay attention to how a story is covered, oftentimes more than the story itself.

One of the more popular attacks from media and fellow candidates when it comes to the POTUS race is people who change their position on things. Perhaps the most notable one of these is Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for President back in 2012. There’s even a whole website dedicated to it.

Now, when it comes to politics, it’s very possible that these position changes are done to appease people based on poll numbers and popularity. But at the same time, the possibility (however little) is that the person’s thoughts on a certain issue have changed. Maybe they’ve matured on something, or they learned a fact previously unknown that caused them to change their mind.

I think this is something that, at least in the political realm, is overlooked and the jump is straight to the instability of thought and position and how that’s bad.

But actually, changing your mind can perhaps be the most Christian thing you can do.

I’m someone who has changed many positions over the years. I used to think that being gay would send you to hell automatically. Now, I think homosexual behavior is still sinful, but I think you can be a gay Christian struggling with his sin just as much as you can be a porn-addicted Christian, a gossiping Christian or a lying Christian struggling with their sin. I used to think profanity was sinful, but now I don’t. I used to think you needed to read your Bible every day to be a good Christian, but now I don’t.

Some people have said that I’m a pretty “liberal” Christian now. I think I’ve matured. At least I hope that I have. Now, I could be entirely wrong. I could be missing out on what God desires of me. But as I’ve read Scripture, particularly the actions of Jesus, I realized that there’s so much I thought wrongly about.

There are many people that change their mind over their lifetimes, and that is a good thing.

2 Timothy 3:16 says that all Scripture is profitable for “correction,” among other things. And to change our minds based on what the Bible says is a good thing. In fact, it’s super beneficial, especially if we’re wrong. The idea of “correction” is that something was once wrong and has now been “corrected,” fixed, made right, made accurate, made correct. If the Bible is what we base our position changes on, then we have done wisely.

Not everyone will agree with your mind changes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wrong.

So changing your mind is a good thing. Don’t let anyone say you always have to think the same thing all of the time. There are some things that are good to stay consistent on. But if for your whole life you have the same position on everything, you might just be too stubborn.

So yes, Mitt Romney, changing your mind can be a very good thing. Don’t let people drag you down.


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