Hello, My Name is Zach. I’m 22 Years Old, and I Love Old-School VeggieTales.

Most of the time on this blog I try to write something that’s insightful and cutting, sometimes trying to speak specifically to something that’s prevalent in culture. But today I found episodes of VeggieTales on Amazon Prime, and I found a whole new thing to write about.

If you were a kid and grew up in a Christian household in the late 90s/early 00s, you’re most likely familiar with the VeggieTales, the adventures of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber learning moral lessons based in Bible stories. It was funny and you learned something about obeying God. Plus the songs were awesome. A couple of examples:



Can’t get over how awesome these things are.VeggieTales is super creative. There are sly winks at popular culture, humor that adults could get that’s not inappropriate and it’s vegetables walking and talking and singing. I can’t get over the jokes where they talk about how they don’t have arms and how that affects things. I really liked the two movies that came out – the Jonah one and the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything one. So good.

I know all the words to several of the Silly Songs. Last week, I was driving to dinner with some of the youth in the youth group I help out with and I turned on a Silly Song in my car and proceeded to sing every single word. I think they thought I was weird. Maybe I was.

Stuff like VeggieTales is good, wholesome entertainment even for a nearly-23-year-old dude who just wants a laugh here and there.

As I write this, I’m watching Lyle the Kindly Viking, in which Junior Asparagus plays a little Viking who is good at sharing. It’s adorable. Is it cheesy? Sure. But you know that my kids are going to watch this. It reminds me of my young days when I was unstained by a lot of the things in the world that distract me from God now.

If you take anything from this blog: let yourself enjoy stuff like this once in a while. I think there’s times where I look at VeggieTales and think, “Shouldn’t you guys be preaching the Gospel instead of silly morality tales? Don’t kids need to know more?” And I get critical. And perhaps they do. BUT, there’s nothing wrong with teaching kids these things when they’re young and get a head start on obedience.

Plus it’s just stinkin’ cute and funny. You’ve got to love it. If you’re over 10 years old today and have some time, just watch it. It’s totally worth it.

And today, I was thankful for what I have, because God listens to my prayers, after watching this:


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