Four Reasons Why I Need God

I was in the shower this morning and the song “Lord, I Need You” came to my mind. It’s a fantastic song because it’s so darn true. You can make the argument that it’s cheesy and simple and your typical Christian worship song, but it reminded me of a few things about God and why I do desperately need Him in my life each and every day.

Because without Him, I’d be…

1) Purposeless. Being a Christian gives me a purpose and a direction for my life. I can turn to the Bible and see where God has given me a reason to live – to give Him glory with everything I do (1 Corinthians 10:31).

2) Hopeless. Those who don’t follow Jesus have no real hope in this life or the next. They spend their lives searching for something to put their hope in. I need God because I need something to believe in, something to hope in for the future.

3) Strength-less. God gives me strength through the work of the Holy Spirit and the truth of His Word. I’ve noticed particularly over the last coupe days that I feel weak when I don’t rely on the truth of Scripture and don’t ask God for strength. I only have so much strength.

4) Grace-less. God gives me grace for my sins, forgives me for my shortcomings. Without God, I’d still be defined by my sin and destined for hell. With God, I’m defined by His grace in me and destined for eternity with Him.

That’s why I need God.


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