I Am So Incredibly Forgetful Sometimes

Forgive me, forgive me Lord
For living like I’m not Yours

I forget how kind You are
You are light for my foolish heart

I am so forgetful sometimes. In my first couple years of college, I would forget assignments all the time because I had a bad memory and didn’t write them down. Funny, I would remember all sorts of sports knowledge but homework? Pssh.

Things got better when I began regularly keeping note of my assignments on my laptop so I wouldn’t forget. Even now, for work, when I have to go to an event or interview for a video I’m working on, I have to write down the time and location on my desk calendar so I don’t forget.

In general, we are forgetful people, which can be frustrating. How many times have you seen in a movie or TV show something about a husband forgetting an anniversary? It’s common. As human beings with feeble minds, we easily forget things.

I love Tenth Avenue North’s song “Forgive Me” because there’s an acknowledgement of the singer forgetting God’s kindness.

I relate to that song a lot. I feel like I’m often forgetful of God and His goodness and the fact that following Him is what’s best for me. And there’s times I get frustrated by my forgetfulness. I feel guilty, shamed, wondering how in the world I forget God’s goodness to me. I mean, God doesn’t forget me, why must I forget Him?

Unfortunately, as a human, I think I’ll never be free of forgetfulness. Science tells me that I’ll only become more forgetful as I get older. But there’s a Gospel answer to this conundrum in my mind.

Jesus died so that God would never forget me.

Because Jesus died for my sins, God will never say to me, “I never knew you.”

Because Jesus died for my sins, it’s true of me that God “will never leave nor forsake me.”

Because Jesus died for my sins, nothing can get in the way of God’s love for me.

So even though I am forgetful of God and everything He is, He never forgets me.

And that’s so crazy! I forget God’s goodness all the time, yet He loves me. God sees constant reminders of my sinfulness, yet He loves me. It’s so counter-intuitive. But it’s awesome. But that’s the Gospel, counter-intuitive and awesome.

For those who forget, God forgives you. And doesn’t forget you. No matter how often you might forget Him.

3 thoughts on “I Am So Incredibly Forgetful Sometimes

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      • No worries. I’ve been having issues with my WordPress lately, so I didn’t see your reply until now anyways lol. Keep blessing others with your posts brother!

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