The Christian Bachelor: Episode 8 – Season Finale

Last Week on The Christian Bachelor: Caleb spent days in Ottawa and the surrounding area with Maggie and Savannah separately. This week, we find out Caleb’s pick.

On Friday, Caleb hangs out with Phil, his brother Aaron and his brother’s girlfriend, who had been spending time with Savannah and Maggie on days off for each woman. She spoke with the group about what she saw and what she learned.

Caleb: “Talking with Aaron’s girl was really helpful. Just like discussing things with my mom and with my sister, it’s always good to get some female opinion. I know my brother values her very highly, so it’s good to hear from her.”

The Final Decision – Ottawa, Ont., Canada – Saturday afternoon, week 5

The Saturday was set aside for the final decision. Caleb sat outside the Canadian Parliament building on a bench and each girl was given a walkie talkie that matched one Caleb held in his hands.

He buzzed Maggie first.

Caleb: “Maggie. You’re not the one I’m picking. You’re a fantastic girl. You love Jesus, you’re talented as a musician, you’re funny and you’re beautiful. But I think I see you more as a sister in Christ and less as a romantic partner, potential wife. I hope and pray you find a great guy somewhere out there soon. And thanks for going on this journey with me.”

The two hug and Maggie leaves the bench.

Maggie: “I’m a little disappointed, but it’s clear that God has different plans for me and Caleb. And I’m ready to follow those all the way.”

Caleb then calls Savannah to come down to the courtyard. He’s standing with a rose when Savannah arrives.

Caleb: “Savannah, I pick you. Will you allow me to pursue you?”

Savannah: “Yes. Definitely.”

Caleb: “You’re a wonderful representation of Jesus in how you speak and how you act. You’re thoughtful, you’re loving and you’re not afraid to tell me how you feel. I want to see what’s going to happen with us. I want to take that first step to possibly being married. And I want you along for the ride.”

Savannah: “I’m ready to go on that ride with you!”

The two hug and begin to chat some more. Caleb reaches for Savannah’s hand and they grasp each other’s hands. The two speak to the camera later.

Caleb: “I’m really excited to start dating Savannah. I love her personality. She’s a very peppy, excited and enthusiastic person who loves Jesus and I think has a pretty big crush on me. I’ll take that!”

Savannah: “I can’t wait to see where God leads Caleb and I. I have hopes, but I’m submitted to whatever the Lord has for us. He’s got so many fantastic qualities, most importantly that he loves Jesus.”

This has been the first season of The Christian Bachelor! We hope you all enjoyed it and we hope you come back next year for season 2!

Did Caleb pick wisely? Where do you see the relationship between Caleb and Savannah going?

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