The Christian Bachelor: Episode 5 – One-on-One

Last Week on The Christian Bachelor: The girls took Caleb swing-dancing, where they got to see that he truly has no rhythm whatsoever. Some of them had fun with it, though. Two girls got eliminated, but one, Maggie, got a particular thumb’s-up from Caleb’s friend Jack. This week, it’s time for the first one-on-one dates.

Date 4: One-on-One Dates – Sanford, N.C. – Monday-Saturday, week 3

Maggie goes first. She brings her acoustic guitar and the two sing worship songs and a couple other of Caleb’s favorite songs while munching on a Christian staple, Chick-fil-a. “I’m afraid I’m going to get tired of Chick-fil-A this week,” Caleb says. “But it’s hard to. It’s so good!”

This show is sponsored by Chick-fil-A. We didn’t invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich.

The next night is Rebecca’s turn. The two get into a deep conversation about Romans 8 and how awesome it is that salvation is by grace alone. On Wednesday, Hayden and Caleb take a break from the picnics and go to the Wednesday night service. Hayden makes a couple comments that Caleb’s not too sure about regarding being picky about the order of service and the music being played.

Caleb: “Hayden’s a funny girl who’s a lot of fun to hang out with, but in a sense she seems to be more interested in being ahead of everyone in what they know.”

Thursday night is Carrie’s turn. Caleb takes her on the picnic and then to his aunt and uncle’s house to hang out with his little cousins. Caleb gets to see Carrie in her element, hanging out with kids. They have a great time with the group.

Next is the woman who already has a kid, Savannah. Caleb seems to be at ease with Savannah. Savannah brings along her daughter, Sienna. The three enjoy a wonderful picnic and then Caleb and Savannah play with Sienna. Sienna and Caleb almost immediately hit it off.

Caleb: “I must admit, I’m falling for Savannah. But I don’t know if I’m 100 percent ready to be a father. I’m still young. I don’t know if I’m prepared.”

Finally, Saturday night brings a dinner date with Anna. Caleb, who had been fancying Anna up to this point, finds her distant and removed. He still is crushing on her, but there seems to be something different about her. She’s having second thoughts about moving forward with the show, it turns out. Caleb encourages her to keep going. He gives her a hug and prays for her, that she would make the right decision.

At the end of the week, Caleb has yet another decision to make. He cuts Hayden and Carrie.

Caleb: “This was perhaps one of the tougher couple cuts I’ve had to make. I liked a lot of what Hayden had to bring to the table, but I think we’d just be too nit-picky about the same things. And Carrie is great, but there just wasn’t a connection there. I tried to give it a shot but it just wasn’t there for either of us, I think.”

Carrie and Hayden are eliminated, but unfortunately for Caleb, there’s another drop out. Anna leaves the show.

Anna: “I prayed about it and sought some counsel from some older women in my life, and it just makes sense for me to leave. I really do like Caleb. He’s a great guy. But there’s other things I need to be paying more attention to in my life right now.”

Caleb: “I really liked Anna. She was not afraid to be herself, which I really admired. I liked her. It stinks that she’s gone but I wish her well and will be praying for her with what’s going on.”

Remaining Bachelorettes: Savannah, Rebecca, Maggie.

The next dates are crucial. Again, it will be a one-on-one date, but each with Caleb’s family, who lives in Sanford. It won’t be a long trip for the bachelorettes. The family dates are planned for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of week 4, to give each girl a date and a day to make an impression with the family.

NEXT EPISODE on THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR: The girls get to spend time with Caleb’s whole family in Caleb’s family’s house for dinner. Also, Caleb gets a reality check on the fame he’s getting. Tune in on Thursday for the next episode of THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR.

Who has your vote? Which girl has stood out? Did Caleb make a mistake in sending Hayden and Carrie packing? Comment with your thoughts below!

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