The Christian Bachelor: Episode 3 – Jesus Muzik

Last Week on The Christian Bachelor: Caleb Christian and his friends Phil and Jack hosted theology discussions with the bachelorettes and eliminated two possibilities. This week, date two takes the group to a Christian hip-hop concert, after which there will be two more eliminations.

Date 2: Lecrae Concert – Charlotte, N.C. – Friday night, week 1.

Caleb goes to a Lecrae concert in Charlotte with the remaining 10 bachelorettes. He invites Phil and Jack and their wives along to the show so they’ve got a nice big group. He also wants to get the wives’ opinion of the girls.

Caleb: “It’s super important to me that these girls know how to have fun and can bring me out of my shell a little bit. I’m a little reserved and introverted naturally, but I love Christian hip-hop. Going to a concert like this where we can have fun and just relax for a little bit while listening to some awesome music will be a good experience for all of us.”

The group arrives and it quickly becomes clear who is into the music and who isn’t. Monica and Rebecca are all about it. Betsy and Kimmy are a little uncomfortable. Carrie, who had never heard of Lecrae before, found a great deal of similarity between the music she plays for her children’s ministry and what Lecrae does, so she’s excited. Hayden, once again, begins to display her knowledge by talking about Christian rappers no one knows about, which excites Caleb, who’s a bit of a nut about it. They discuss Reconcile, Beautiful Eulogy’s first album and even Princeton’s “Headlines Remix.”

Meanwhile Anna, who hasn’t really said a whole lot during the show so far, sidles up to Caleb during the DJ set and asks him to take a walk to the merchandise table. Caleb nods, and they walk to the table talking about their college degrees. Caleb’s was in English, which excites Anna. She got a History degree with a concentration in academic writing. When they reach the table, they run into Savannah who’s looking for a shirt for her daughter. The trio has a great conversation, and Caleb begins to think he might be falling for both of them.

Caleb: “I love the attitude that Anna carries into life because of her academic background. She’s thorough and thoughtful in all of her conversation and discussion. Savannah is really, really sweet, and she really cares about her daughter. I love that nurturing nature that she has. To be honest, I’m a guy who’s looking to settle into a marriage where there’s encouragement and affirmation from my spouse. Savannah provides that.”

Caleb buys Anna a Lecrae CD, the first time he’s bought something for someone this week. Anna is quite excited about this.

Anna: “Caleb’s a really sweet guy. I think I’m starting to develop some real feelings for him. And I think he is for me too.”

The group comes back from the concert and they drop off the Bachelorettes at the houses. Caleb goes with Phil, Jack and their wives to a Waffle House for a late-night snack and discussion. Jack’s wife really hit it off with Carrie and Maggie, while Phil’s wife made quick friends with Kimmy and Monica, despite Kimmy’s discomfort with the music.

Caleb faces the camera: “Over the last few days, I’ve spent a good deal of time with this group, and I really feel like I’m getting to know everyone quite well. There are a couple girls that are making themselves stand out with their love for Jesus and their ability to have a good time…It’s so nice to have Phil and Jack and their wives going through this with me. As a Christian, you’ve got to have people to bump thoughts off of, and those four are crucial for that…I’ve decided to eliminate Betsy and Kimmy. Betsy is great, but I think she didn’t really find the music fun. The girl I marry doesn’t have to love Christian hip-hop, but I just don’t really see that working out with her in the end. Kimmy seemed a little squeamish at some of the things said, and she just came across as really uncomfortable. Real nice girl. But not for me in that way.”

Kimmy and Betsy are eliminated, which leaves eight bachelorettes heading into round 3.

Remaining Bachelorettes: Savannah, Monica, Rebecca, Maggie, Anna, Hayden, Carrie, Sonya.

That following Sunday, the Bachelorettes attend a full Sunday morning and evening service with Caleb at his church. The whole group is treated to a surprise lunch made by Caleb’s mother, who surprises everyone by showing up. There will be a “meet-the-family” date later in the month, but Caleb’s mom wanted to meet them a little earlier.

Caleb: “My mother has one of the biggest inputs into this whole process. As a woman who knows me probably better than any other woman, she’ll know the kind of girl I need as a wife. So I’m excited to see what she thinks of the women we’ve got here.”

It’s a good lunch. Caleb’s mom is a gluten-free cook, so each of the pieces of the meal are without wheat. Sonya is on board, as is Hayden, who was gluten-free before people knew what the word “gluten” meant. The two strike up a great conversation with Caleb’s mom regarding the positives that come with eating like that.

NEXT EPISODE on THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR: Get your dancing shoes on, because next time, Caleb will show off his dance moves, or lack thereof, on another group date. Also, one of the girls drops a serious bomb on Caleb that forces him make a game-changing decision. Tune in on Friday for the next episode of THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR.

Who has your vote? Which girl has stood out? Did Caleb make a mistake in sending Betsy and Kimmy packing? Comment with your thoughts below!

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