The Christian Bachelor: Episode 2 – Talking Theology

Last Week on The Christian Bachelor: We met Caleb and the bachelorettes and laid out the scene. This week, on episode 2, Caleb Christian will have his first dates with the bachelorettes and we will have the first round of eliminations. 

Date 1: Theology Discussion – Caleb’s Apartment – Tuesday night, week 1

Caleb and his two friends Phil and Jack meet with three bachelorettes at a time and discuss important points of theology. One of the more important aspects of this show is making sure the theologies match up, that there’s no big point of contention. Caleb has already met all of them during an ice cream social at the houses a couple nights before, so this isn’t the first time he’s meeting them, but the first time he’s getting into real discussion with them.

The first group is Haley, Savannah and Monica. They talk about some basic salvation theology but soon dive right into eschatology. Haley begins talking up the Left Behind series and how that really opened her eyes to what Revelation was really talking about. Monica expresses how the Great Commission is basically her reasoning for wanting to go overseas.

The second group is Rebecca, Maggie and Anna. Rebecca was made for this. She excitedly discusses with Caleb the wisdom and the depth behind the five points of Calvinism. A little tiff rises when there’s a bit of disagreement over one of the points, but Rebecca simply says, “Agree to disagree. It’s not a salvation issue.” Anna seems to quote every scholar possible.

The third group is Betsy, Hayden and Carrie. It’s a pretty relaxed group, with little discussion about theology and more about how Jesus wants us to approach Him like children. I wonder who started that. At one point, Reformed theology is brought up, and Hayden makes a point to say that she was a Calvinist before John Piper was. 

“But wasn’t he one before you were born?” Betsy asked inquisitively.

“I’m only joking,” Hayden said, who was not at all joking.

The final group is Lilly, Sonya and Kimmy. Lilly’s weakness shows here, and it quickly becomes apparent that her loose theology isn’t winning her any favors with Caleb. Plus, some of her other comments seem a little off-color, and Caleb is a little put off by it.

Phil and Jack talk with Caleb at the end of the night and discuss the bachelorettes and how they come across. This is huge. A Christian guy needs approval from his brothers in Christ.

Caleb faces the cameras at the end of the night: “I think I got to know each of them a little bit better through this discussion and it was really helpful. My wife and I need to agree on just about every point of theology out there…I’m really not sure about Lilly. Her theology seems really loose to me, and I can’t have the mother of my kids be so flimsy on really important points. And as cute and as lovely as Hayley is, I’m afraid I’m not on board with her eschatology.”

Hayley and Lilly are sent packing with a side hug each, and we move on to round two.

Remaining Bachelorettes: Savannah, Monica, Rebecca, Maggie, Anna, Betsy, Hayden, Carrie, Sonya, Kimmy.

The group goes to a Wednesday night service at Caleb’s church. Carrie immediately looks for a way to help with the kids, and Caleb wonders why she’s there, for the kids or for him. Hayden knew every worship song, including the “new one” the church played for the first time that night. She wondered aloud why everyone else didn’t know it yet, then shook her head and sighed.

NEXT EPISODE on THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR: The remaining bachelorettes and Caleb go to a concert, where one of the girls makes a bold move for this early in the game. Tune in on Wednesday for the next episode of THE CHRISTIAN BACHELOR.

Who has your vote? Which girl has stood out? Did Caleb make a mistake in sending Hayley and Lilly packing? Comment with your thoughts below!

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