My Heart, It Tends to Stray

Author's Note: For these blog posts, I often include a picture to break up the massive walls of text that usually come from my rambling writing style. I search a keyword or phrase on Google Images and try to pick one that fits what I'm trying to write about. Well, this time, the image gave … Continue reading My Heart, It Tends to Stray


I’m Not OK with God’s Wrath Sometimes

I've been reading through Jeremiah, sort of, trying to, the last month or so. I'm only on chapter 8 now, so it's been slow going. I haven't been terribly consistent or disciplined with my quiet time. Anyways, I was reading chapter 7 today and was struck by all the violence that God declares on the … Continue reading I’m Not OK with God’s Wrath Sometimes

I Don’t Have to Prove a Thing

There's a sweetness in the gospel in its unfairness. This song captures it pretty well with one line.   The line: "And I am learning to believe that I don't have to prove a thing, 'cause You're the one that's saving me." If the only way we could be saved is by our actions, … Continue reading I Don’t Have to Prove a Thing

How Am I Any Different?

I was reading a post on OnFaith, a faith website that posts interesting articles sometimes. I don't always agree with all of them, but I must say it is interesting to see how different people interpret Scripture. Again, I don't always agree with them. How rare it is in our day - and it's a new thing … Continue reading How Am I Any Different?