Elderly Married Couples and the Gospel

Something that always makes me smile is seeing elderly couples who look like they love each other. Sometimes you see the elderly couples that walk together, but they’re not really together. They rarely look at each other and just generally have a grumpy attitude about them. Then there’s the couples who are holding hands or are talking to one another in a cheerful way. I went on a run tonight and saw an older couple walking together chatting about whatever was on their mind. I love seeing that.

A very popular link I’ve seen in the last couple weeks is about a 96-year-old widower who wrote a song about his wife of 75 years. “She was just the prettiest girl I ever saw. I just fell in love right there,” Fred Stobaugh said in an interview.

“Oh sweet Lorraine, I wish we could do all the good times over again,” the song goes. “But the memories always linger on, oh sweet Lorraine, I don’t want to move on.”

Stuff like that makes me emotional. If you watch the interview, you see he still wears his wedding ring. The chills run up and down my spine quickly.

There’s so much beauty in that. I’m not married, but I imagine that going through 75 years (three-fourths of a century, by the way) of marriage means a lot of grace and forgiveness. A lot of times where the other person has wronged you and you decide to forgive them because you love them.

Grace is a choice. That’s what makes the Gospel so beautiful. God didn’t have to forgive us. He didn’t have to offer a way out of the eternal condemnation our sin earns us. But He did, and that was through His Son, Jesus Christ, the only perfect being to walk the earth.

God’s grace is eternal. It doesn’t stop when we die. Think about it like Fred Stobaugh’s love for his wife. He didn’t stop loving Lorraine, even after she died. He wrote that he didn’t want to move on. God feels the same way about those He has brought to Himself. But that relationship extends beyond death and into heaven, where His children will be in His presence for eternity.

That’s so different from how people in the world often view each other. We often fall into the trap of using people to achieve our own ends and then dumping them when it’s not convenient to befriend them. Or we develop lasting friendships with people, but we don’t value them the way we should.

God will never do that, EVER. All you need to do is give your life to Him.

Come to God with a sincere heart of repentance for all the wrong you’ve done, wrong that should separate you from Him forever. Recognize you’re a sinner in need of His grace. Ask Him for forgiveness that He will surely give if you ask with a sincere heart and desire to honor Him. This link gives a good description of how to become a Christian. It’s the most important decision you will ever make.


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